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Few career coaches are as qualified as Denise. She has an international practice of clients who want expert guidance in managing their careers – from those at the start of their career, to supporting clients through a change or to get to the very top of an organisation.

With over 20 years experience of working as a career coach, job search strategist and assessment expert, Denise brings a friendly positive professionalism to everything she does.

Denise is involved in many different areas: writing books and articles, contributing to radio shows, being a media spokesperson and one to one work with clients. Her professional knowledge and down to earth informative style means she is a popular contributor and her expertise is heard regularly as guest expert on many radio shows, well over 100 in total and regularly quoted in the press.

Denise has also contributed to PR campaigns providing articles, comments and participated in numerous radio shows.  Specialist areas are shown to the right.

Journalists like Denise as she takes time to understand their requirements, provide succinct information to meet their needs, and meets deadlines. Denise will talk through ideas, provide relevant information and work with you to produce a relevant article or story.

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