Denise Taylor: Award Winning Career Coach, Adventurer, Wilderness Guide and Chief Inspiration Officer

Welcome, I’m Denise Taylor and this site is the hub for the professional and personal me. Use the links above to learn more about me and how I can help you. I provide one to one coaching, lead group seminars, write books and articles, and support PR campaigns. I also lead nature-based retreats.


Few career coaches are as qualified. I have an international practice of clients who want expert guidance in managing their careers – from those at the start of their career, to those looking for a life after full-time work, and supporting clients through a change or to get to the very top of an organisation. With over 20 years’ experience of working as a career coach, job search strategist and assessment expert, I bring a friendly positive professionalism to everything I do.

PR Campaigns and Media Work

I have contributed to PR campaigns providing articles, comments and participated in numerous radio shows. My professional knowledge and down to earth informative style mean I’m a popular contributor to PR Campaigns and my expertise is heard regularly as guest expert on well over 100 radio shows. I’m also regularly quoted in the press.

Nature Based Retreats and Wilderness Guide

We can learn so much through spending time in a natural environment. Away from technology and an endless to do list. Sitting by the campfire, walking amongst the trees. Paying attention to all your senses, being outdoors is a wonderful learning environment. This is a great place to make a transition into a new part of your life to move on from the end of a relationship (work or personal) and take time to work out a future that fits you as an individual and your place in society.
In July 2019 I completed a Vision Quest, which includes spending 4 nights on a solo fast – no food, no tent, no technology. It was life changing. Two years on I have my next one scheduled. I’ve become more interested in nature; I’m assisting on Vision Quests ready to lead my own in 2022 and I’m moving to do more nature-based work with clients, at a location close to the Royal Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire.

Get access to the very best careers counselling, careers coaching, plus expert guidance to make the right career decisions for you. From school days to retirement, I want to help you make an effective career choice and be successful in your job search.

Inspiring people aged 50, 60 or 70+ to make the rest of their life their best life. I want to inspire and provide practical advice. It could be work related, or to focus on your health and relationships, developing new interests, or longer term personal development.

Finding out your natural abilities is a fundamental step towards a satisfying and successful career. Since 1922, hundreds of thousands of people have used aptitude testing to learn more about themselves and to derive more satisfaction from their lives.

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