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I’m a Chartered Psychologist, registered with the British Psychological Society, and specialise in Careers and Assessments. My main website is and you can read more of my career related services there, aimed at people of all ages.

If you want to learn more about my career history, visit my LinkedIn page and while you are there feel free to connect.

I work with people with the energy and passion to want more, to feel fulfilled and to have the life they want. It doesn’t have to be a traditional path, you could opt to be an associate, contractor or have a portfolio life. You could plan for a life without paid work, whatever works best for you. And no choice is forever, we can change at any time.

I’ve gained a strong reputation for working with people of 50+. I’m the Author of Find Work at 50+   and was a guest speaker at the 50+ Show (London and Birmingham). I’m regularly featured in the press writing on issues affecting people like us including careers, goal setting and healthy living. You can also find me in the April issue of SAGA Magazine.

I also love working with my younger clients, and support teenagers and graduates alongside career changers and senior executives.

You can read more detail on my work history on my LinkedIn profile

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The Personal Side of Denise

Outside of work I love to dance – Balboa and Lindy Hop, I took up dancing at age 57. I’d had a health scare and I found it hard to go to the gym, so opted for something active and social. Learning new steps is good for my brain too.

I love to travel – I want to properly experience different cultures and create lasting memories. To celebrate the start of my 60th year we travelled around Australia, in 43 nights we slept in 33 beds, and we saw a lot! New Years’ Eve in Sydney Harbour was a ‘once in a lifetime experience.’ I also faced my fears and did the Harbour Bridge Climb. I’ve plans for my birthday and the end of my birthday year too. Turning 50 we backpacked in India over both Christmases and did a camping safari in Namibia for my birthday holiday.

I love the 1950s, and I’ve a classic car – an Austin A35 from 1958, called Dugsy. Driving around in our car makes people smile and it’s a great memory of years gone by. I dress up too, loving the clothes from the era.

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My 17th Century wedding

which led to me writing my first book – 17th Century Wedding Customs

I’m married to Simon.  We met at a battle reenactment – the recreation of the Battle of Torrington on the August Bank Holiday, 1996.

Simon was a sergeant of pike and I was a drummer. The Sealed Knot was our major passion for many years.

  • Invite-letter
    Read the letter that we sent along side our wedding invite to all our guests
  • Photo Gallery
    Here you can see small pictures from our wedding – let me know if you want a large picture emailed to you
  • Note for guests
    When our guests arrived at the church alongside the order of service we also gave them some details on the different wedding customs
  • Order of service
    This is the order of service – you can see we chose rousing hymns as historical reenactors like to sing! plus we carefully chose the music, We also had readingd from the Geneva Bible rather than the King James edition.

Music and Dance

Dance videos to inspire and lists of festivals I’ve attended.


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