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I’m a Chartered Psychologist, registered with the British Psychological Society, and specialise in Careers and Assessments. My main website is and you can read more of my career related services there, aimed at people of all ages. If you want to learn more about my career history, visit my LinkedIn page and while you are there feel free to connect.

I am a life-long learner and should complete my doctoral studies by the end of 2021. My research focus is on meaningful ageing, how people find meaning in life after full time work.

In July 2019 I completed a Vision Quest, which includes spending 4 nights on a solo fast – no food, no tent, no technology. It was life changing. Two years on I have my next one scheduled. I’ve become more interested in nature; I’m assisting on Vision Quests ready to lead my own in 2022 and I’m moving to do more nature-based work with clients, at a location close to the Royal Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. 

I work with people with the energy and passion to want more, to feel fulfilled and to have the life they want. It doesn’t have to be a traditional path, and you could plan for a life without paid work, whatever works best for you. And no choice is forever, we can change at any time.

I’ve gained a strong reputation for working with people of 50+. I’m the Author of Find Work at 50+ and was a guest speaker at the 50+ Show (London and Birmingham). I’m regularly featured in the press writing on issues including careers, goal setting and healthy living. I also love working with my younger clients, and support teenagers and graduates alongside career changers and senior executives.

You can read more detail on my work history on my LinkedIn profile

The Personal Side of Denise

I love to travel – To properly experience different cultures and create lasting memories. Turning 50 I backpacked in India over both Christmases and did a camping safari in Namibia for my August birthday holiday.  To celebrate the start of my 60th year I travelled around Australia, in 43 nights I slept in 33 beds, and saw a lot! New Years’ Eve in Sydney Harbour was a ‘once in a lifetime experience.’ I also faced my fears and did the Harbour Bridge Climb. The end of my birthday year I was on an exhibition ship travelling around the Indian Ocean. 

I’m into wild camping  and bushcraft – who’d have thought! But after my Vision Quest, I relish being out in the wilds, happy to camp out with a bivvy bag and tarp. I love to cook over an open fire and practice bushcraft skills. They don’t come easy, but it is a nice change from my academic studies.

I love cinema and live music – Love to watch films on the big screen and very happy to go alone. Love seeing live music, supporting the independent music scene.

It’s not just about doing, I am a human being and I love to spend time in nature, loving the silence and the bird song, watching the wind move the leaves, and taking time to notice the minute details. Then to close my eyes and drift in a hammock.

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