Introducing Getting the Job You Want: A Practical Guide, January 2013

Introducing Getting the Job You Want supports you through all the stages of finding your perfect job – from organisation and preparation to the different ways to implement a job search campaign. In a challenging job market you need to create a resume that will sell you, and to be well prepared for interview. Both new graduates and those returning to the job search will learn simple yet effective techniques from award-winning career psychologist, Denise Taylor.

Fat To Fantastic, January 2012

An inspirational diary of how I lost over 10.5 stone of fat. More than my detailed diary, I explain why I ate what I did and challenge myths through over 170 callout boxes with details on key facts such as alcohol, consistency, eating clean, fish oil, setbacks and sleep. I’ve also included motivational tips and quotes.

How To Get A Job In A Recession, 2nd edition, October 2011

My fifth book, a second edition brought out to bring the book up to date plus numerous bonuses. Mindful of helping people who can’t afford one to one work with a career coach this time I created a book which came with masses of downloadable bonuses including forms and 6 MP3 audio files.

Now You’ve Been Shortlisted, February 2010

My fourth book takes the reader from getting the letter to invite them to interview/ assessment centre to being successful in the job. There is extensive help with assessment centre preparation; psychometric testing and interviews.  The publishing company web site is here

Interview Answers For First-time Job Hunters, September 2009

My third book, aimed at first time job hunters. It was fun to write this book, plenty of coaching with younger clients to help them develop effective interview answers.

How To Get A Job In A Recession, 1st edition, March 2009

How to Get a Job in a Recession

I wrote this book following my involvement as the career coach on the ITV Tonight Programme – How safe is your job. With the recession many more people are losing their job and struggling to find another job. Too many people don’t know the steps to take to help find a job and make them a credible candidate. I have brought together the key details from all the eBooks I sell and what I discuss with my clients to help with job search. I don’t recommend you buy this book, far better to go for the second edition.

17th Century Wedding Customs

I was asked to write this book after the publisher heard about the research I had undertaken to prepare for my 17th Century Wedding. It covers the history, a historical perspective and plenty of details on customs of the day.

Featured eBooks

How To Use LinkedIn To Find A New Job (85 pages)

I’ve been recommending LinkedIn to clients for months, but most don’t want to take the plunge, or do it half heartedly. So I’ve put together this comprehensive 86 page workbook to explain firstly why you should be on LinkedIn and also a straightforward guide on how to create an effective LinkedIn profile that will be of real benefit to you in your job search. I keep this updated so you don’t need to, and it is now in it’s 18th edition. Once bought you get free updates.

Create a CV – a guided workbook (69 + 26 pages)

For £10 you get a 69 page e-Book to guide you step by step through creating your CV, how to submit and how to follow up. PLUS you get a WORD WORKBOOK so you can collate all your exercises into the one document to enable you to build an effective CV as easy as possible. Completely revised you now have all the exercises in an accompanying 26 page word book making it much easier to build your CV. PLUS the eBook is full of hyperlinks making it really easy to get to the page you want.

Interviews: how to perform well at interview (83 pages)

This eBook takes you through everything you need to know about interviews, how to prepare, how to present yourself, responding to questions, the questions to ask and the post interview review. By the time you have completed this eBook you will have covered every aspect of preparation and be ready for virtually everything that could trip up someone who is ill prepared.

Traditional Job Search

The most common way to apply for a job is by responding to job advertisements. This e-Book explains everything you need to do to increase your chance of getting short-listed. Working through this eBook will enable you to understand the benefits of a structured approach to reviewing job ads; understand how to complete an application form; understand how to respond to competency based application forms and be able to produce a covering letter for a specific job vacancy

Accessing the Hidden Job Market

More people find a job through the hidden route than through applying to advertisements. It can appear a mysterious secret, but I can show you exactly what you need to do. This eBook will help you to understand why you should undertake a proactive approach to job hunting, begin to identify companies and know how to make speculative enquiries to potential employers, agencies and consultants. You’ll learn to sidestep the gate keeper to talk with the relevant person. What more could you want?

Networking for Career Success

This eBook is all about using personal contacts to support you in job search. You will learn how to identify members of your network; and identify how to expand your network. You will have devised a way of keeping a record of your contacts and in keeping them informed; know what to do at a networking event; know how to prepare before your first networking call, learn an easy way to follow up with leads and the importance of keeping in touch with your network after you get a job. PLUS you also learn everything you need to create a personal commercial – what you say to others when they ask you who are you

Other E-books

  • 10 Steps to a job you love (19 pages)
  • Work environment (23 pages)
  • Get a system (27 pages)
  • Networking for career success (45 pages)
  • Informational interviews (22 pages)
  • Research for job search (21 pages)
  • Traditional job search: how to apply for an advertised job (48 pages)
  • Accessing the hidden job market (28 pages)
  • The telephone interview (8 pages)



10 Steps To A Job You Love eProgramme

Downloaded over 3,300 times! Essential for everyone who needs help in finding a job they love. For more information and to get your copy

Career Discovery Programme

Career Discovery Programme

The Career Discovery Programme – a guided programme to aid career and life decision making.  This contains 36 exercises under 5 steps: Overview of life and career; Focus on me; Let’s be creative and dream; Other considerations; Creating a short list of jobs and making a career decision.

For more information

Job Search Support Programme

Job Search Support Programme

The Job Search Support Programme – offers a cost effective service through including all LinkedIn workbooks and articles via a download system to all people to work at their own pace and be guided through the steps to career success.

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