One to one work with clients is in the following areas

Career Exploration

If you want to get it right, work with a specialist career coach who will help you to understand who you are to enable you to discover a career to bring you personal satisfaction. There are different approaches we can take; you may want to follow a programme or we could take our first session to develop an approach to best meet your needs.
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Strategic Job Search

Denise is regularly used as an external expert by companies, helping them with recruitment, predominately with graduates, professionals, and senior managers. Denise was previously head of assessor training for Royal Mail.  You must know what you want – which profession, what industry, size of company, type of colleagues and clients etc. This is a fundamental step to successful job search. 
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Interviews and Assessment Centre Coaching

You must perform at your best at interview. Too many people are ineffective, fail to make an impact and lose out on the job to someone who is better prepared. Our clients do well at interview because they are well prepared.
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Personal Branding

Personal branding is being clear about what you stand for, and marketing yourself like a company. You need to get your brand out there, and this includes creating effective profiles on social networking sites including LinkedIn, Blogs, websites, Twitter and more.

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I will often, but not always use assessments which include

  • Highlands Ability Battery– Since 1922, hundreds of thousands of people have used aptitude testing to learn more about themselves and to derive more satisfaction from their lives. The Highlands Ability Battery is based on the work undertaken by the Johnson O Connor Research Foundation. The paper and pencil tests were developed into the battery which is now available to take online.
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  • Personality Assessmentsincluding the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. The MBTI® assessment is a self-reporting personality inventory, designed to help individuals understand themselves. It helps people understand their natural preferences, motivations, and potential areas for growth. It aids in understanding others, particularly those with different types.
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  • Strong Interest Inventory. The Strong measures your interests using 291 different questions to explore your likes and dislikes with regard to careers, leisure activities, school subjects and other categories.
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Values Cards

This set of cards (47 Values cards and 5 header cards: Of no importance, of little importance, of some importance, of considerable importance, or the utmost importance) and accompanying instructions can be used to undertake a values assessment at home. It’s a comprehensive way to understand the key drivers to decision making. How our career is aligned with our values has a major impact on our levels of satisfaction. Read more

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