Simon Taylor and Denise Zaremba

We really hope that you will be able to come and help celebrate our wedding, and we intend it to be a little bit different.

As most of you know, we are members of the Sealed Knot and so will be having a seventeenth century wedding. This means that we will be dressed in keeping with this time period and our friends from the SK will also wear period clothing, but you don’t have to!

Denise has been reading up on the customs of the time and there will be one or two customs that you don’t normally see such as Denise will have ribbon favours sewn onto her dress that can be pulled off for good luck after the marriage ceremony and we’ll both be jumping over flower garlanded ropes. Simon will be escorted to church by his bridesmaids, and Denise by her bridesmen.

Did you know where the term bridal comes from? In the seventeenth century, the difficulties of expenses of a wedding were overcome by the simple process of brewing a bride ale where ale was brewed at home and sold to guests to finance the wedding, but we won’t be asking you to buy Denise’s homebrew!

On the wedding day, the bride was dressed in fine new garments by her bridesmaids, crowned with myrtle and led to church by two bride-men carrying branches of rosemary. Her path and that of the groom were strewn with flowers and sweet herbs.

Confetti was unknown in this period, instead wheat was thrown after the ceremony to promote fruitfulness.

Details are enclosed which show the directions to the church, reception venue and accommodation. The ceremony is taking place in our local church. St Nicholas is a Norman Church and is contemporary with the great Abbey of Tewkesbury. It is believed to have been built as an outreach of the Abbey, for the convenience of people who were often cut off from the Town by floods. The Church features a long Nave having walls which lean outwards, to be suggestive of the hull of a ship, an architectural token of St Nicholas’ links with the sea.

The reception is at Woodmancote village hall which is a few miles drive from the church. We’ve chosen this as a venue as it is in a nice setting with wonderful views of Cleeve Hill (and the Tithe barn was closed for renovations!). A benefit of this is that there are a number of bed and breakfast establishments within walking distance and also a camping site. Details of accommodation is provided at the end.

When you get to the reception you will notice the lack of a bar. This is because we decided that you would prefer not to have to pay £2 a pint for keg beer and would much prefer to bring your own so do bring what ever you think you’ll need, (plus some more just in case). From 8pm we’re having a barn dance and expect you to get up and dance. Don’t worry if you have never done this type of dancing before – you get told what to do and getting it wrong is all part of the fun!!

We are excited about our wedding, want it to be a happy and special day and for you to have fun and enjoy it.

We do hope you can come and share our celebrations.

With Love,

25th March 1997

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