Denise is a seasoned radio contributor with well over 100 appearances, a partial list is below, and full details via this link.


Dream jobs with Pete Price on Radio City Talk

Fun at work with Shourjo Sarkar on Radio Leeds

2 November 2012

Radio Gloucestershire – Discussing topical issues with Kate Clarke on a 1 hour segment of the show

16 August 2012

BBC Scotland – Practical suggestions for when you only get part time work offered. On the Kaye Adams Show.

28 April 2012

Radio Gloucestershire – Discussing topical issues with Kate Clarke on a 1 hour segment of the show

21 May, 2012

Jo Thoene’s Radio Oxfordshire show- discussing body image with Pete Cohen on lunch time show

2 April 2012

Guest on Kick Star Careers Webinar discussing using LinkedIn in job search

27 February 2012

BBC Three Counties Radio – Jonathan Vernon Smith discussing ‘Is it wrong to ask people to work for their Jobseeker’s Allowance?’

22 February 2012

Radio Gloucestershire – Mark Cummings show

14 January 2012

Radio Gloucestershire, guest on the Kate Clark show discussing news items over a 1 hour show

12 October, 2011

BBC Three Counties Radio – Discussing unemployment and how to find a job with Jonathan Vernon Smith

31 August, 2011

BBC Radio Scotland – Discussing how to fall in love with your job with Stephen Jardine on the Fred Macaulay show

23 June, 2011

Radio WM – Drive Time Show discussing interview disasters

14 December 2010

3 Counties Radio, discussing comments in the news by a Tory Councillor

7 August 2010

Radio 4 – guest contributor to Alvin Hall’s Radio Series – Generations of Money

26 July 2010

Radio City – Older people looking for work on The Pete Price Show

14 April 2010

3 Counties Radio – Should children work/ paper boy being exploited with Jonathan Vernon-Smith

04 March 2010

Guardian Podcast – Discussing interviews with Kerry Eustace

29 December 2009

BBC Radio 4, The Today Programme discussing graduate unemployment with Justin Webb. Also featured on Radio Gloucestershire, LBC Radio with Vanessa Feltz, Jeremy Kyle on Talk Sport Radio, Victoria Derbyshire on Radio 5 live and more

16 June 2009

Radio Gloucestershire – Discussing Emotions (in relation to the stage play of the film Brief Encounter)

12 June 2009

Smooth Radio – The importance of work experience when job hunting

February 2004

BBC Radio 4 Careers Guidance on The Nice Work programme

TV Appearances

Tonight – How Safe is Your Job?

With unemployment rising, what are your chances of joining the dole queue by Christmas? Monday 17 November 2008. Since I was on the show I’ve lost 8 stone! You can access the programme via this link.

Also featured in ‘Change That‘ – a lifestyle programme presented by Mark Curry (I worked with Liz Wagstaff transforming a piece of furniture) and CBBC XChange in 2005 where I was involved in historical vignettes as a 17th Century housewife.

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