Commissions Career Planning eBook, 11 easy steps March 2013

Guardian Careers – article – Using social media to boost your professional profile

IMIS Journal – Volume 22, issue 4 – Top tips for Video Interviews.

Co-contributor to Business Model You with a note of thanks for my contribution in Section 2 – Reflect, page 109 and p 121

Article published on The Guardian website – Top Tips To Get A Promotion At Work.’ It was published on 3 September 2012.  You can read it here:

The Guardian – Has LinkedIn taken over from the CV? 19 March 2012

The Solution Magazine: The Changing Face of Work & Careers, February 2012 NEW YEAR – new job or new perspective, 7 page leaflet, January 2012
Access here:

Total Jobs: Common interview questions, November 2011
Access here:

Total Jobs: Questions to ask at a job interview, August 2011

Job Site: Five signs you’re in the wrong job, August 2011

The Guardian G2, How to survive graduation, July 2011 A parents guide to helping graduates find work, December 2010

Job Site: Can a career coach help you? 16th October 2010

 Job Site: How to find a career coach to suit you? 5th September 2010

Esquire: How to write a winning CV, April 2010

Job Site: Now you’ve been shortlisted, March 2010

Job Site: 10 Top Tips – How to write a cover letter, December 2009

SHE Magazine: 10 ways to get a new job, November 2009

SAGA Magazine:  Changing career at 50 plus, November 2009

Job Site: How to Write Cover Letter, November 2009

Training Journal:  Tools of the trade – The Thomas Kilman Conflict mode Instrument (TKI), October 2009

Job Site:  Career Workshop – what’s wrong with my application, October 2009

Job Site: Article on Preparing for an Assessment Centre

HR Zone: How to choose an outplacement provider, November 2008

Regularly featured as an expert on The Guardian Career Forums, including

Journal articles

Articles have been published in a number of journals, for example:

  • Social Media can help in your job search. Article published in the Highlands Forum
  • Helping clients nail that job! – preparing clients for assessment centres,  Career Guidance Today, October 2010
  • Career guidance in the current economic climate for Career Guidance Today, June 2009
  • A Career assessment programme used in private practice, published in Assessment Matters, The National Journal of Vocational Assessment, Issue 20, Autumn 2004
  • The Royal Mail approach to Self Assessment published in the TQM Magazine, April 1995
  • The Managerial Plateau: What helps in developing careers published in the International Journal of Career Management, April 1994

Magazine and newspaper articles

Quoted in hundreds!!, including

  • Coming soon – contribution to January 2013 edition of Glamour Magazine
  • Coming soon – contribution to article on managing your online profile in Personnel Today.
  • Expert on Guardian Career Forum answering questions on Professional development on a budget 1 November
  • Article published in Changing Careers, October edition – Making Your Mark In A New Job (pages 8-11)
  • Expert on Guardian Career Forum answering questions on Managing your online reputation: expert advice, 20 September
  • Article published in Changing Careers, September edition – Good Working Practices (pages 7-11)
  • Article published on The Guardian website – Top Tips To Get A Promotion At Work.’ It was published on 3 September 2012. You can read it here:
  • The Business Mag, Your comprehensive start up guide. June 2012
  • Metro, 14th June – Part time working
  • Bath University School of Management – 2 sessions with masters students – Personal Branding and Social Media and How to pass Assessment Centres.
  • June 2012 Prima Baby – provided key quotes for a changing career/ job hunting article.
  • March/ April 2012 Executive PA as part of their forthcoming article on Training For PAs – I’ve provided – Tips: ExecPA-Inside.
  • Open University – From overweight and underconfident to slim and successful, read here
  • British Psychological Society commenting on article about losing weight and self esteem 
  • Will be featured in Prima Baby – provided key quotes for a changing career/ job hunting article.
  • Executive PA.  I’ve provided Tips for studying while working as part of an article on Training For PAs, Due out soon
  • Quoted in Daily Telegraph, Graduate Careers Pull out – Make the right first impression, October 13th 2011
  • Quoted in Student Accountant ‘Bad Behaviour’. September 2011. Access the article through this link, pages 12/13
  • Quoted in Executive PA – Body Language September 2011. Access the article through this link
  • Quoted on the Chartered Management Institute web site re the need to develop communication skills Chartered Management Institute web site”>Management training: Jobseekers ‘lacking communication and inter-personal skills’
  • Apprenticeships and alternatives to University qualifications. ” articles – e-learning news: non uni qualifications are ‘well thought of’ by businesses and Apprenticeships ‘great way to develop management skills’ and Apprenticeships ‘a viable option’ for young people
  • Fall in love with your job again, quoted several times in this article in Glamour, September 2011
  • Contributed to research for article in Elle Magazine , September 2011. No direct quotes but a recommendation for my book How to Get a Job In a recession.
  • Featured twice in The Guardian G2 on Monday 18th July in the ‘How to Survive after Graduation’ special edition.
  • Featured in Chemistry World, Managing Change a helping hand, July 2011
  • Quoted in The Sunday Express ‘Fury over cruel BBC gameshow offering job as prizes and (misquoted) Mail on Sunday, ‘You’ve been hired! Fury at BBC for offering jobs as prizes to unemployed in cruel gameshow’, both on 3rd July 2011
  • 3 page article where I’m interviewed on Career Appraisals in Business Spotlight, May/June 2011
  • Featured in The Sun on 23 December 2010- Just the job … online
  • Quoted in Metro Newspaperon over used words in CVs, December 16th
  • Quoted in The Sunday Express Magazinesix steps to change on Sunday 21 November, 2010
  • Published in The Fall edition of The Highlands Forum,Why It’s Hard To Get A Job, 19 October, 2010
  • Handling Telephone Interviews, Reading Chronicle
  • Published in The Summer edition of The Highlands Forum,How To Improve Your Vocabulary
  • Job Site: Does the dream job exist and should you settle for second best? May 2010
  • Shortlisted (men’s magazine), quoted in the 8th July edition – Master every minute of your meeting (page 47)
  • Quoted in Grazia magazine discussing The Ambition Gap
  • Lots of hints from my book ‘How to get a job in a recession’ on Manchester University blog
  • Featured expert in The Times, Graduate Career Supplement. Would this CV lead to a government legal job? 26th May 2010
  • PR Moment, Behind the story – How old is too old in PR, 30th April, 2010
  • Business Spotlight, English language magazine for German readers, quoted on pages 52 and 54 in the March/April edition – End and Beginning, dealing with job loss
  • The Scotsman, quoted on 13th Apri l- Need a new job? Forget the ads – join a gym or Facebook
  • Cosmopolitan – Quoted in the March issue p223 – 5 reasons you’re not getting promoted, they have used my comments under point 5 – about being your own publicist at work
  • Woman & Home, my client Christine is featured in the March edition, page 72 with quotes from me
  • Weekend section of Gloucestershire Echo, January 30th 2010 – featured client alongside my Personal Trainer, Ben Carpenter – Ben gets you back in shape; Denise is hooked on healthy living
  • Daily Mail, Don’t stick with a job you hate, January 28th 2010 – quotes from me used in the article.
  • Graduate Prospects, January 18th 2010, Happier New Year – big quote from me on p2
  • Changing Careers Magazine, Issue 7 – How to get a job in a recession
  • The Times Newspaper, The Telegraph, and several other newspapers on December 29th 2009 in reference to Parent Motivators
  • Top Santé, Why do I get nervous at parties, January edition page 53
  • Smaart Graduate, Autumn issue, Desperately seeking graduates, quoted on pages 30 and 31
  • Lifetracks, Negotiating a pay rise, November 2009
  • The Independent, Buying and Selling houses is hot again, 12th November 2009
  • PR Moment, Behind the story – Case studies for PROs changing careers, 6th November, 2009
  • PR Moment, Behind the story – Tips for PROs facing redundancy, 16th October, 2009
  • Bristol Evening Post, What’s wrong with my applications, 7th October, 2009
  • Krystal Mag, I was an online chat room operator, 19th September 2009
  • Woman Magazine, Kate under pressure, 21st September 2009
  • Evening Standard,Rapid Rise of the Portfolio Worker, 18 August 2009
  • Job Site Career Workshop: What’s wrong with my applications?Answering a question on this major jobs website, August 2009
  • Career Guidance Today, The Challenge of Career Guidance in a Recession, June 2009
  • GumTree – Work Experience is key, Press Release with my quotes, June 2009
  • Sky Careers– how to access the hidden job market ,June 2009
  • Graduate ProspectsDon’t give up now, 3 June 2009
  • Expert top tips on How to get a job in a recession on the Work Life section of the website
  • Sky CareersBad Careers Advice and how to recover from it, May 2009
  • Sunday MercuryYou’re Hired, May 2009
  • Gloucestershire EchoDenise to offer work tips on TV, November 2008
  • HR Zone – How to choose an outplacement provider November 2008
  • The Apprentice Magazine– Psst! Do you know what she told me? June 2008
  • HR Zone – Redundancy – getting it right April 2008
  • Times Educational Supplement – PAY – how does yours compare? 4th April 2008
  • HR Zone – You and your job – happy together? February 2008
  • Cotswold Life January 2008 – I’m featured on p250 “Get Active in 2008!”
  • Personnel Today – Use of psychometric profiling in coaching on the rise, November 2007
  • HR Zone – Revisiting the Interview, September 2007
  • Accounting Web – Twelve top tips for recruitment, July 2007
  • Top SantéHow to say NO and get the life you want, Magazine April 2007
  • Daily ExpressArticle on choosing a career coach featuring one of my clients
  • Fit bug Website – How to make a fresh start – September 2006
  • Daily Telegraph, Education choices discussing psychometric tests

Denise in Magazines, Newspapers etc.